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  1. Bugs in current version

  2. Can I only use one Premium Product Offer?

  3. Can you search marine life?

  4. Can you select which content and dives to share?

  5. Dive Shop Locator (Beta)

  6. How can a PADI Professional leverage the power of My PADI Club to earn revenue share and grow their continuing education efforts?

  7. How can PADI Dive Centers/Resorts leverage the power of My PADI Club to increase revenue and customer lifetime value?

  8. How do I access My PADI Club?

  9. How do you change units from Imperial to Metric?

  10. How is the revenue share payment handled? When can PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Pros expect Club revenue share payments?

  11. How many dives can Club Members log?

  12. How to get information about new features in My PADI Club?

  13. How will My PADI Club integrate with other social media like Facebook and Instagram?

  14. How will PADI Dive Shops benefit from My PADI Club?

  15. How will PADI Professionals benefit from My PADI Club?

  16. Is access to My PADI Club available through the PADI app?

  17. Is My PADI Club available in China?

  18. Is My PADI Club only for PADI certified divers?

  19. Is there a family membership available at a discounted rate?

  20. Upcoming features on our roadmap

  21. What additional features are in the works?

  22. What are the features and benefits of My PADI Club?

  23. What are the premium features and benefits of My PADI Club membership?

  24. What is My PADI Club?

  25. What is the difference between the new My PADI Club and ScubaEarth?

  26. What is the refund policy for My PADI Club Premium memberships?

  27. What will PADI do with data collected from My PADI Club? Will this information be sold in the future?

  28. What's the difference between a My PADI Club Basic Membership and a My PADI Club Premium Membership?

  29. Why did PADI create My PADI Club?

  30. Will facilities with multiple locations be required to log in separately for each store?

  31. Will My PADI Club affect dive shop replacement card sales?

  32. Will the contributor who uploads a photo own copyrights of uploaded photos? Will others be able to copy and share photos?

  33. Will there be a mobile app at launch?

  34. Will there be a size limit on photos and videos?

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